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  • Departs 217 Anglers Road Lewes

Cruise to Milton on the Broadkill-Anglers Road Lewes

Quick Details

Military/Senior ((Age 60 and over)

Cruise From Lewes to Milton

Our cruise to Milton is approximately 4.5-hours total ( 1.5 hours each way + a little over an hour to disembark in Milton) and covers 13 miles of the Broadkill River, 26 miles round trip. We depart from 217 Anglers Road in Lewes and sail to the docks at Milton Memorial Park and back. To fully take advantage of fall foliage, come onboard in late October or November.

The Broadkill River flows for its entire length in eastern Sussex County. From Milton, the Broadkill River flows generally eastwardly, passing through wetlands and salt marshes of the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge. While we are cruising, take a moment to scan the wetlands surrounding you. These are home to hundreds of animals, many of which you might see with the naked eye and better yet, through binoculars. You will definitely want to bring your camera and your favorite beverage.

Hungry? Bring lunch with you or call ahead to make reservations or order lunch to eat onboard from Irish Eyes Pub and Restaurant on Union Street along the shore of the Broadkill River (302-684-8889). Once we reach the docks in Milton, you may disembark for approximately an hour to explore Milton then re-board our vessel for the ride back to Lewes.