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Our Crew

Our captains are all certified Master Captains and have many years of experience on the Delaware Bay, Rehoboth Bay, Indian River Bay, and Delaware inland waterways. Being local to the Delaware beach areas, each of them will be able to tell you about the waterways, some history about the area, where locals like to eat and drink, and the best places to do some really good shopping.


Meet Captain David and Michelle Green, the two who started it all in 2012!


Captain Mike Rosso

a woman wearing a hat and sunglasses

Captain Leah Green

a person smiling for the camera

Captain Madie Voshell

a man wearing glasses and a blue shirt

Captain Bob Hollingsworth


Captain Patrick McDaniel

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Captain Tom Tyndall

a man wearing a hat

Captain Dale Brown


Naturalist Kathleen LaForce

Naturalist Rob Rector

a man wearing a blue hat

Guide Joe Minnich


Deckhand John Viebrock


Deckhand Mike Jack


Deckhand Alexis Brown

Deckhand Jonathan Budler