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  • Departs 217 Anglers Road Lewes

Meteor Shower Cruise-Anglers Road Lewes

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Guest (Age 59 and under)
Military/Senior (Age 60 and over)

See the Perseid Meteor Shower From the Water

Cape Water Tours and Taxi is happy to bring you to the best viewing spot for the Perseid meteor shower. The Perseids have more fireballs, or bright meteors, than any other major shower, according to NASA’s Meteoroid Office. What a beautiful sight it will be to see meteors streaking along in the night sky, in front of the age-old constellations.

Cape Water Tours and Taxi will take you to an open sky, far away from the harsh glare of city lights, out into the Delaware Bay to enjoy the show. We will depart from our dock at Harbour Marina. There is no better place to see the stars, away from light pollution and crowds. Join us on board for a spectacular meteor shower.